Power of Partnerships

A successful sustainable development agenda requires partnerships between governments, the private sector and civil society. Inclusive partnerships built upon a shared vision and shared goals that place people and the planet at the centre, are needed at the global, regional, national and local level. Capacity building, technology transfer, finance, systemic issues including data monitoring and accountability are important indicators of successful partnerships for sustainable development.

We invite you to partner with us in the following ways:

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  • Drive energy efficiency and emission reduction in the communities, mitigating your carbon footprint in return
  • Reduce your climate change impact by driving energy efficiency and emission reduction in potters’ kilns across India, get certified for GHG reduction and positive health impacts on communities
  • Innovate in your livelihood generation project taking ‘Make in India’, ‘Handmade in India’, ‘Skill India’ beyond just slogans
  • Develop skills of tribal women in Barmer region, while reviving the cultural hand embroidery, linking it to livelihood generation and women empowerment with positive impact on the environment
  • Invite us to put stalls in your office to sell best of handcrafted products especially during festive season


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  • We can help you develop meaningful:
    • Green office programme
    • Employee volunteering programme
    • CSR communications and thought provoking advocacy material such as posters, videos, games, flyers, brochures etc
  • Invite us to organise unique workshops for employee engagement:
    • Pottery – Pause, Reflect, Unwind to solve complex organizational problems through design thinking (A must have during festive season)
    • Urban Farming & Gardening for Wildlife introductory workshop
    • Green Creative Writing and Doodling workshop for employee children
    • Craft Ideas for Recycling: Creating bird houses, recycling of plastic bottles etc.
  • Partner for Nature’s Jamboree environment competitions & events for mass advocacy on environment
    • Have your logo on all advocacy material related to the event
    • Be a judge for the competition(s) and sponsor winner prizes
    • Address the audience at the event directly, showcasing your commitment to environment conservation


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With the pool of qualified and experienced cross-sectoral experts, we provide CSR and Sustainability advisory services to corporates to help them deliver on the promise of accountability, transparency and commitment to sustainable development while making profits

  • CSR Strategy and Policy designing – helping minimise business risks, moving beyond compliance, prioritising sustainability issues that impact business
  • Creating Shared Value through strategic environmental and social projects – identification and implementation in areas of operations
  • GHG Mapping and Reduction – roadmap development and implementation to reduce impacts on climate change through business functioning
  • Employee & Vendor Engagement – towards building a CSR culture throughout the value chain
  • Monitoring and Evaluation Frameworks development – for community projects’ effectiveness and review
  • CSR and Sustainability Reporting as per national and international guidelines
  • Capacity Building of NGOs and supply chain partners on CSR projects and sustainable development agenda


Some of our partners who have trusted us in one way or the other as mentioned above include: