Reach Out, Make An Effort Save Indian Handicrafts by SHEROES

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Reach Out, Make An Effort Save Indian Handicrafts! Kanika Pal, founder SoCHE foundation (which stands for Solutions for Clean and Healthy Environment) talks about the determination and effort it takes to change the world while driving innovation in handicrafts and getting everybody together for their own benefit to make the world Go Green. A vision to create A bridge between rural […]

Giving wings to ‘Kalavat’ hand embroidery from Barmer by Samachar Jagat

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While Barmer, in Rajasthan, is famous for its hand block prints, which are inspired from the Sindh region of Pakistan, there is another very unique hand embroidery referred to as ‘Kalavat’ which has not seen the light of day. SoCHE Foundation, a Delhi-based social enterprise, is working towards bringing Barmer’s Kalavat hand embroidery to the […]

Project Maati Milaap

Project Maati Milaap

There are seven million artisans in India who are directly engaged in crafts making and an additional 200 million artisans who are engaged in craft production to earn a livelihood.A lot of these artisans, however, have already taken daily wage jobs as agricultural laborers, cab drivers, rickshaw pullers etc. due to lack of support to […]